You don't have to be a vegetarian to love vegetarian food.

About Weekend Carnivore

What is a Weekend Carnivore? Well, I am a Weekend Carnivore and I suspect I am not alone! Some time ago, I decided that I wanted to eat less meat. Part of my reason doing wanting to eat less meat was ethical but without question the main reason was health. I have been overweight most of my life and tried every sort of diet out there.

After my first husband died of a heart attack and left me a young widow at the age of 27, I decided I needed to try to finally shed some of my weight. I also happen to have polycystic ovaries which have the charm of making it particularly hard to lose weight. After ages of trying to count calories but not getting anywhere, I decided to continue to count calories but to try to eat more vegetarian meals. I found that eating vegetarian meals allowed me to stick to a low GI diet and the weight started to move and my PCOS symptoms also began to lessen.

To date, I have lost just about 90 pounds and, while I still have a long way to go, I credit much of my weight loss to the fact that I stopped eating as much meat and have been eating a largely vegetarian diet. However, it would be a total lie to call myself a vegetarian. Even though I really love vegetarian food and I eat a vegetarian diet most of the time, there are times when I eat meat. Usually it is fish but despite what many people think that still disqualifies me as a vegetarian.

I can sometimes go weeks without eating any meat at all but on average I would say that I usually eat some sort of meat or fish twice a week. Those times usually end up being on the weekend and that is how the idea of calling myself a Weekend Carnivore was born.

So, I put the Weekend Carnivore blog together to share my quest to eat less meat and more vegetarian meals. Of course, I love to share those recipes with real vegetarians and vegans but I also want to share them with people, such as myself, that are learning to eat less meat.